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A day in the Copthorne Hotel after a safe journey to Newcastle. I only got lost whilst trying to find the car park. As anticipated, the lunch was excellent: 4 choices of main course (chicken, salmon, bacon loin or mushroom stroganoff with various veg.) and 3 of dessert (fresh fruit salad, cheese and biscuits or ice cream) . I had the bacon loin with mash, string beans and dijon mustard sauce followed by home made coconut ice cream, honey sauce and those wafer straw things. Delightful.

The day was a rattle through the new AF and Renewed curriculum. The presenter was full of bright ideas. You can tell these people don't actually teach but sit around coming up with thrill a minute lessons that are one offs. Swoop in; do a two hour special and swoop out again.

We had a shorter lunch break so we could finish earlier but it finished at 3.30 as per the agenda so that was a bummer as I had to leave some of my ice cream. They served it last and by the time we got it the honey sauce had solidified the dish was so cold. Anyway, I set off just after 3.30 and, having taken a wrong turning, came home the top road. So I got home at 4.10 having missed the west bound traffic. Well done me.

I had to sit around twiddling my thumbs while the site moved itself from San Francisco to Montana or wherever before I could post to keep up the month of posting.

Don't know how things went with Denise today but we are going to Valentino's on Thursday with no cameras. Except  mine of course.

Here! I forgot to mention my anniversary yesterday. 14 years ago today I was in the HDU of Newcastle General Hospital after my meningioma was removed from the olfactory nerve in my brain. It meant 7 months of convalescence and a further operation to mend the hole left by the growth in my skull, but it was worth it, because I am still here; without a sense of smell, or sight in one eye, but here. Gratefully. So, if I whinge or moan about my lot, I need to remember what might have been: not being here to whinge and moan.

OK. Bless us all!


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