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by [livejournal.com profile] pasadora @ [livejournal.com profile] untold_verity

MY JOURNAL has stuff about Bones, David Boreanaz, football and my life. Feel free to join in.

David spoiler free


Dec. 25th, 2020 05:28 pm
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Here are a number of banners I have accrued over the last several months.

clicky to view )
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Yes I have found another place to submit my icons. There is no escape! (for you that is).

These are for [livejournal.com profile] tvcharacter20 and are all about the Booth man. Only one more week to go for American viewers!! Who knows when the rest of us will catch up.

These are made with caps from Screencap Paradise and Home of the Nutty and resources in My Profile.
Feel free to make off with them to your own hosts
Not bases so don't alter or claim as yours
Use them but don't post them on other icon sites
Round closes March 31st
Give me some credit please
Any comments gratefully appreciated.



Special agent in charge Seeley Booth )

I have had the window open all day in the lovely weather and a wasp has got in. How very dare it!
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Speaking as the Walrus I shall say the time has come. We are not going to talk of many things and certainly not shoes and ships and sealing wax. No it's Booth all the way and launching into Season 5, just before Season 7 finally gets going in 2 weeks time. Squeeeee.

You would think four years down the road, we would know plenty about Agent Booth, but he has been so reticent that that is not the case, and there are some things which have still to be disclosed. Perhaps Season 5 will be the place to find out all there is to know about our enigmatic hero.

I am back baby )

Quite a nice day today, but not very warm.


Mar. 19th, 2012 12:01 am
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Hmmm. I will give this a whirl I think even though I may be squeeing when it starts and in hospital when it ends. Never mind.

Come one come all!

A Last Icon Maker Standing Challenge for the two hit series, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer & Angel. Icon makers of any ability are welcome to participate.


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Bit quiet over here recently due to lack of excitement in my life. Last week was all wet and windy and so I stayed in taking tablets and waiting for progress, like you know, an appointment. Anyway, I filled my time making icons from Season 3 for [livejournal.com profile] season20in20. This proved to be a bad choice thanks to lack of quality caps anywhere apart from the Christmas episode. As it is a challenge though, I girded my loins and went ahead.

The caps are all from Bones Daily
The textures are from We ♥ textures
Everything else is from me or sources in My Profile
All free for use
Take them to your own host so I am not troubled with bandwith issues
For personal use here only so no reposting on other sites.



That's a lotta heart, Bones )
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I discovered I had made over 850 icons for Challenges. What a lot of icons. So here are some from Episode 7.04 of Bones and then various challenges I've entered that you may not have seen or forgotten entirely about. Feel free to take any you like, but credit me and post for your personal use not on Fanpop or suchlike.

Thank you!
So many pictures, you'll faint )

Get ready

Feb. 4th, 2012 10:24 pm
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I am excite Baby!Bones. Shower together=funtiems
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What with all these icon challenges and health issues it's been hard to concentrate enough to get Booth out of Season 4. I just checked, and do you know I haven't done one of these since October? That's a hiatus worthy of Bones itself so we really must get the show back on track and Booth out of his as yet undiagnosed illness. Just like me there then. He he.

We have two episodes left and it is so long since I watched them I don't know how much can be added to our picture of Seeley until we begin. Isn't it exciting?

You’re using Agent Booth to have a child. You don’t see how that might relate to your partnership? )
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All of the caps for this episode came from Screencap Paradise and Buffyworld
 No copyright infringement is intended. *snerk*

Here's some TASTERS:


Usual rules apply.

God doesn't want you; but I still do )

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Hi all. Still in the land of the living? It's awfully quiet round here since the big comments page ruckus. Anyhoo, I've been busy with the latest challenge so, below the radar myself. When I finish my Angel challenge though (for which I have made 3 icons and 5 rejects so far), watch out for much blithering.

Here is the January Challenge for [livejournal.com profile] tvcrush20in20 which I entered by accident. I was only going to do 2 challenges this month and I've ended up doing 3. There wasn't even snow to keep me in, so it's been like doing homework.

All caps are from Screencap Paradise and Bones Daily. See my profile for addresses and other resources.

+Do not post anywhere else without my permission+
+Feel free to take any you like but rehost, don't alter and credit me+
+Challenge closes 1/20/12 and then they're free to use+
+All comments appreciated although my notifications are haphazard to say the least+
(LJ say it's an email issue, not their fault, bah)



Special Agent Seeley Booth. Special. )

Just loved last night's episode by the way. Loved it.
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Source: bones screencaps
Please rehost at your own site and nowhere else
Do not use as bases
Comments very welcome
Update: amended Artist's Choice #2, #3, #4 to correct season. Apologies to mods for mistake.

This is definitely not a diner )

These are now all correct.
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Well here I am as well on DW and contemplating the Thursday before Christmas without Bones, Rookie Blue and Harry's Law. Basically, all of my viewing is off for the holidays. The Downton Abbey: Behind the scenes show last night was basically just a recap of the two series, no doubt to capture new audience for the 2 hour Christmas Special about which they were extremely coy. Gave absolutely nothing away. It was interesting to see Julian Fellowes however, and realise he used to be an actor. Now he is a Lord. I am now going to try to make a graphic and post it via IE9 while I try to work out why Firefox is being an a**e.
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Here! I took a picture of myself this morning that turned out clearer than my calendar pics. I am putting it under a cut to spare the squeamish. I resemble something from the Black Death or 1665, The Plague year. Anyway, believe it or not, it is not very painful, just itchy. I had 10 hours sleep yesterday which may account for my ability to go to Tesco today and talk to people I knew that I met there. I disguised the lump with my Thinsulate hat well pulled down. Couldn't see a thing. I also ate lunch when I got home! Small steps.

Here it is:

You have been warned. Approach with caution )

And for [livejournal.com profile] huronia a reminder of her own medical condition.

Good players on this - Bix Beiderbeck, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Bud Freeman and Gene Krupa with Hoagy Carmichael in charge.

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Help yourself
Usual rules
Resources in My Profile
Any comments appreciated.

Seasonal Bones )

You're welcome!
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I made these because I thought they were the subject of a challenge. When I checked, they weren't. So, waste not want not:



Caps are from the estimable [livejournal.com profile] a_lot_of_heart
Feel free to take
Please re-host
Do not put on a site other than LJ without permission

Clickety-click! )

Today was my mother's birthday. She was 84. We went out for lunch and had turkey i.e. early Christmas dinner. It was delicious and I am full. Probably until Tuesday night. Omnomnom. My dad was suitably shocked at having to pay £6.00 for a pint of Ruddles and a half a diet Coke. Fortunately, the money came out of their savings box put together from the savings they make on the shopping at ASDA. Yay for wartime spirit.
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Here's a few for the first two episodes of Season 7

Want take have but acknowledge the maker, re-host and don't change.

Thank you.

You look great! )
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So, I've been thinking, not very coherently I might add, about how Show is shaping up after 3 episodes. The new item is of course Booth and Brennan TOGETHER all the time, or not as it turns out. I have things going round in my head about the couple thing which refuse to sort themselves into any rational conclusions. so this is going to be a bit of a blurt of randomosity.

The partners in the relationship )
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This challenge features two characters in equal measure from the Buffyverse fandom. So I have here 10 icons each of Faith and Angel. These are for the  [livejournal.com profile] angelbtvs_theme community run by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] butterflyvixen1

I took the caps from Screencap Paradise and Buffyworld. The rest is out of my head as I may be!

Welcome to take.
Don't change anything
Please re-host
Comments always delight


I'll put your stuff here. - I'll be close. )


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