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You know, they don't say that. OK today Denise came round to my house complete with camera crew and gofers and director lady. So I shot out of school, called at the local Co-op for a bottle of wine, mixed salad for tomorrow and a packet of cigs because there was no time to go to Tesco's and rushed home. I washed up in twilight because I haven't been able to wash up all week as the light in my kitchen has decided not to work and I haven't been home in daylight this week to try and fix it. I shoved anything that was lying about into a cardboard box in the spare room, put the kettle on and two carloads of them arrived. Needless to say I had to fake Denise's entrance with  BIG HUG on the doorstep and then upstairs to my flat. There followed a free-flowing chat(sic), a glass of wine and the arrival of the gofers with a bottle of Jacob's Creek 'cos I said I didn't have any in.

Then off to the restaurant, (under the gaze of ogling neighbours wondering why there was a camera crew coming out of my house) who opened early so we could have a jolly drink with Denise round a table. Finally, the cameras stopped and we could eat. Denise signed their wall so they could flaunt it later and was photographed with various diners. Got home at 20 to 9!!!!

So download of this week's Bones happened while it was airing on Sky1. I won't bother with a cut for spoilers 'cos there aren't any. It was OK.


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