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Oooh I missed the meltdown yesterday! *pout* And there was one today I missed too. *double pout* Bah even. Apparently, there was an anxiety attack on Denise's part with a touch of 'I vaaant to be aloooone' thrown in. Instead of girding her loins and getting in front of a class on time, she was slouching against the tennis court fence with I can't go on trembling on her lips. It was just like The Dresser. God actors are so insecure. Makes you sick.

Anyway, I was on my way to a meeting after school when I was cornered in the staff room so I could listen to her rant about how totally unfair the whole thing was. She should have had the backup an NQT has (Newly Qualified Teacher). The fact that she hadn't actually done any home preparation kind of negated that, along with the fact that we had prepared lesson plans for her that she chose to ignore so she could chat to the kids. My response to the rant? Teachers don't have social lives. Snerk. So we are going with her to Valentino's tomorrow. I hope she's paying. There was talk of a champagne thank you in the pub before that so we can be filmed faking fawning with our tearful farewells.

My Season 3 Bones DVDs arrived today and I am pleased to say it was not the 3 disc rip-off HMV released in August but the full pretzel of Season 3, first 4 episodes of Season 4, extras and gag reel. Don't know when I'll have time to watch them.

Here's one for you bad!fic writers: heterography - spelling that differs from current usage; 'incorrect' spelling. Irregular and inconsistant spelling. e.g. English.

On reflection bad!fic writers just can't spell.


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