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Nov. 17th, 2008 06:36 pm
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I am shattered. Went into work at 7.45 am this morning to welcome Denise in. She and her entourage arrived at 8.15am. By 8.20 we were miked up and doing the welcome. Then along to Christine's room for more meeting, greeting and chitchat. To the hall next where Denise got all weepy about this being where her career started. By now we had cancelled our regular meeting to accommodate her needs. Made her a cup of tea with borrowed teabag and milk.

Thence to me doing my registration while Yvette took over the chaperoning. She finally got in front of a class sometime round 2nd lesson and they froze apparently, hardly any response from them at all. After break she had my class. She hadn't arrived so I started a lesson when in they swept at 11.45, 15 minutes late. I left her to it as I was beginning to flag, having been wide awake since 4.40 am. When I went back, there seemed to be mayhem going on in the classroom as she did some drama group work with comedy versions of fairy stories. I think the kids enjoyed it though it bore no resemblance to my lesson plan.

I don't know what she did this afternoon but I bet she was tired. I feel all gritty eyed anyway. No update tomorrow as I am out on a skive very important meeting based on the SATs we no longer have to do. It's a trip to Newcastle anyway and, if it's crap a waste of my valuable time, I'll go Christmas shopping. I'm thinking of getting a new phone for Christmas.

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