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Well one week into the EVENT as I am now calling it and things aren't too bad although I am going to get really tired of these trousers that are wide legged and comfy that I was luckily wearing on the day of the EVENT and so did not have to get cut off me.

Today I have been on my own ALL day. This means I could please myself so I have been catching up with flist reading and sorting out my fantasy football teams. I made my own breakfast and lunch. The secret of my success is a carrier bag and a sandwich box along with a weetiny kitchen.

I also got through to the doctor's surgery to sort out my sick note. Needless to say my doctor is away on holiday but the receptionist was very helpful and said she would backdate it to today when she gets back from wherever she is on Monday. So that will just have to be picked up by somebody next week.

I also cancelled my dental hygienist appointment in February and I think that's all the urgent stuff done. Couldn't get through to my head teacher though so I await her call.

When Pat came yesterday she said that the Playing the Part DVD had arrived in school so some people had watched it. She hopes to bring a copy for me to watch. I will let you know how it goes. I had to sign all sorts of disclaimers of course but I was paid for my participation. £1. I wonder how much she got? Anyway, my house made it into the show but I'm not allowed to tell you that. Or something.

Now I just have to wait until tomorrow morning to get hold of new Bones episodes. I've been looking at the latest piccies of David from various public appearances and I have to say he looks a bit tired, or not very well, or 39 going on 40 *gasp*

On that note: Middle age is when anything new you feel is most likely to be a symptom
I need two paracetamol.

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