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Nov. 21st, 2008 05:52 pm
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Oh my. Terribly lovey goodbyes today as Denise departed for her own stamping ground. I don't know how I got through this day. I think I lost touch with reality, such as it was, at about 8.30 this morning. I was so tired I could barely string words together.  What a way to spend my anniversary week.

Anyway, I asked Kevin the toyboy, what he was doing next week and he told me he's working with George Alagiah (sorry not sure how to spell his name) on a programme for BBC 2 about food shortage so he should be going to Africa. Bit of a come down from our neck of the woods. And he had shaved! So I got a lovely kiss when they left at lunchtime.

This afternoon, during last lesson, there was a knock at my classroom door and there was a teaching assistant with a huge bouquet of flowers, one of several given to us all who had been so involved in the show. It must have cost £50. I left it in the car for my mam to have tomorrow because I don't have enough vases for all the flowers, ferns and miniature fake apples. It was a SERIOUS bouquet. I think I strained my wrist carrying it out.

Now I just have to get the inspection lesson ready for Monday afternoon when we get the judgement that really counts. Will the agony never end? No because then I have to go for a mammogram. Hey ho.

There was snow on the car this morning and the temperature barely got above freezing. And that was just in my classroom. The Arctic blast is on our side of the building from the North west so I am pleased to be home in the warm.

I am still considering my reaction to this week's Bones and I see next week's doesn't have the series link marker on Sky+ so it must be the last one probably until the New Year. Shame. I haven't been as down on this season as some people after the first 2 episodes. Some of them have been really good and I think David has been terrific. Even Sweets has grown on me and Cam is a really assured actress. Anyway, I've been entertained in a lowbrow sort of way.

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